The Dorema Story Dorema Coaching was formed in 2005 by Meredith Wilson and Caroline Watts.  These two phenomenal ladies have a passion for sharing these skills with others — initially in the church setting and later expanding into other venues.  Their home church of Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring, Oregon was the launching-ground for the training sessions.  To date, they have trained hundreds of people who have put their new-found skills to work.  They have provided training sessions both nationally and internationally for churches, colleges and mission groups.  The Coaching Toolkit has also been implemented in various settings across the US.
The Greek word “dorema” means “gift” or “the gift given”.  It is our deepest desire to share this gift of helping others find their way back to making meaningful and measurable progress.

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Forward Movement. Powerful Results.


Customer Testimonials

Dr. Bert Downs
Former President
Western Seminary

“Coaching represents the best bridge I know to turn knowledge about discipleship into practice of discipleship. The coaching attitude is wonderfully liberating and the related skills are easily learned and applied. I’ve literally watched the most skeptical and timid followers of Christ turn into effective disciple makers in a matter of a few hours once they catch the vision for coaching. It is, I believe, an essential approach to discipling for the future now approaching us.”

Tim Young
Dean of Student Life
Vanguard University

“I have hired Dorema Coaching on multiple occasions to provide training for resident assistants and to provide professional development opportunities for residence life professionals. The coaching training provide by Dorema has effectively equipped our student development professionals to enter into conversations with students which help them to grow, mature, identify options, create solutions and move towards a deeper understanding of their vocation. The RAs who went through the training reported feeling more equipped to engage their residents with powerful questions and interactive conversations after completing the training. The coaching model offered by Dorema is very effective at equipping staff to engage a wide variety and quantity of students and at helping RAs feel confident to effectively develop their students. Meredith and Caroline are engaging professionals who challenge trainees to become effective coaches. I strongly recommend the Dorema Coaching training to your organization.”

Bob Maddox
Grace Community Church

“I’ve been training and mentoring people for the past 30 years and this training has changed the way I view and do that ministry. I now have a clearer picture of where the dialogue needs to go, I ask a lot more questions, and the person walks away feeling much more personally empowered. I’ve enjoyed the training thoroughly.”

Amy Ellenwood
Barnabas Team
Josiah Venture

“As a member of leadership for our mission organization, I am well aware of how crucial it is that our women thrive on the field. We desire to invest, not only in their ministries, but in their personal well-being. Because of this, we invited the Dorema Coaching team to our annual retreat, so that our women could spend time one-on-one in a coaching setting. This proved invaluable. Our women were able to identify places in their lives where they weren’t living well, then processed how to make healthy changes so that their lives and ministries could bear more kingdom fruit. Not only did the Dorema team minister to us, they became our friends. They laughed with us, cried with us, heard and understood us. We have been marked by the way they loved and nurtured our team.”

Scott Campbell
Mission ConneXion

“Dorema has provided a first-class presentation on Life Coaching at Missions ConneXion Northwest for a number of years. I would highly recommended them to anyone wanting to accomplish amazing things in this life. They will help you reach your goals and be sure you have a sound proof plan to get there. ”