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Workshops & Enrichment

There are a lot of fantastic coaches out there that you can hire to help you move forward

in your life. (Us!) However, at Dorema Coaching we believe that coaching skills are

transferable and sustainable. Anyone can use these skills to enrich their conversations and

create meaningful relationship. We are passionate about training people to listen well, ask

questions, and ultimately change the way others view themselves.

  • Workshops

  • Enrichment

Basics introduces you to the art of coaching another individual. We’ll identify when it is appropriate to use coaching and develop the key skills of listening and asking powerful questions.

Build is designed to deepen your skills as a coach.  You will learn other valuable models and determine your personal coaching style. This class will increase your confidence to coach others for their success.




Listen is a retreat designed to attune your ears to God and others. Our fast paced world of technology and noise allows little time for reflection and meaningful conversations. We will develop your listening skills, but also have ample time to allow you to refresh your soul.

Brain Works: This is a fun engaging class for those of you who want to strengthen their mental capacity. Alzheimer’s and other alarming brain related diseases should inspire us to take a look at our brain’s health. For years societies focus has been on training our physical bodies. Brain works is a class designed to help you create a workout for your brain.